Laser cutting file preparation


Depending on the project, we generally will request a laser cutting file with the exact outline of the image or text we are cutting or engraving.

These outlines should have a line weight of “hairline”, and clearly identifyable from other materials.

Remove any hidden layers, ungroup all items.  Make sure there are no overlapping lines (except where engrave and cut / score lines need to be shared).

Registration dots

Our laser machines are designed for the printing industry.  We can laser cut images to fit printed materials, even digitally printed projects where the print registration is not perfect.  This is achieved with registration dots.

Four (4) registration dots must be printed outside the cutting and printed image.  The same dots are supplied with the laser cutting file.

The laser cameras align the registration dots from the cutting file to the printed material and cut perfectly each time.

Registration dots should be 6mm in diameter and filled 100% black.

File type

Laser cutting files should be supplied in PDF format.

laser cutting outline with registration dots
Laser cutting outline with registration dots
printed image with registration dots
Printed material with registration dots