Our Trotec plastic sheets are perfect for laser engraving and laser cutting. We offer different product ranges of durable, acrylic-based engraving sheets for laser engraving at high speeds whilst producing high quality results with very little post production cleaning.

The Trotec engraving plastic range convers 1 ply products for braille signs as well as 2 py and 3 ply products for trophy plates or safety signs.


TroLase is an UV-resistant acrylic based laminate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The laser engraving plastic sheets are specially engineered to produce maximum engraving detail at high speeds, whilst minimising residue and need for cleaning.

Available in multiple colour combinations and thicknesses (0.8, 1.6, 3.2 mm)

  • Celadon Green/White
  • Navy blue/White
  • Blueberry/White
  • Blue/White
  • Sapphire/White
  • Gloss Black/Gold
  • Gloss Black/White
  • Matte Black/Gold
  • Matte Black/Silver
  • Black/Red
  • Black/White/Black (3ply)
  • Black/White
  • Purple/White
  • Red/White
  • Bright Green/White
  • EverGreen/White
  • Almond/Black
  • Dark Brown/White
  • Yellow/Red
  • Yellow/Black
  • Pink/Black
  • Pink/White
  • Burgundy/White
  • Orange/White
  • Red/Black
  • Light Grey/White
  • Smoke Grey/White
  • White/Red
  • English Walnut/White
  • Black Walnut/White
  • Powder Blue/White
  • Blush Pink/White
  • Sky Blue/Yellow

Also available with 3M adhesive, Tesa aggressive adhesive, and magnetic adhesive backing.

TroGlass Color Gloss

TroGlass Color Gloss is a cast acrylic glass, both material sides have a glossy finish. The transparent, fluorescent and translucent colors offer constant light transmission superior to similar glass colors. TroGlass Color Gloss features all advantages of cast acrylic, especially in terms of impact resistance, light diffusion and handling capabilities.

Available in multiple colour combinations and thicknesses, including:

  • White translucent
  • Red transparent
  • Ice Blue transparent
  • Blue transparent
  • Yellow Fluorescent
  • Red Fluorescent
  • Green Fluorescent
  • Ice Blue Fluorescent
  • Green transparent
  • Dark Green transparent
  • Lilac translucent
  • Glass Look
  • Orange transparent
  • Yellow transparent
  • White gloss
  • Yellow translucent
  • Orange translucent
  • Red translucent
  • Fuchsia translucent
  • Green translucent
  • Dark Green translucent
  • Sky Blue translucent
  • Blue translucent
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Metallic Anthracite Silver
  • Metallic Bright Silver
  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Gold
  • Black acrylic
  • White acrylic
Trophy Rose-Gold Mirror

TroGlass Mirror Acrylic

TroGlass Mirror is an extruded acrylic glass with a reflective surface. TroGlass Mirror is the perfect alternative to real glass because they are lighter and have a higher breakage resistance than glass, which means the material has a lower risk of falling and breaking when attached to a wall.

Thickness: 3mm

  • Trophy Silver
  • Trophy Gold
  • Trophy Rose-Gold

TroGlass Reverse Acrylic

TroGlass Reverse is a transparent, cast gloss acrylic with a coloured coating on the reverse side. By reverse engraving the back and infilling the engraved areas with colour or backlighting an elegant finish can be created. As an additional feature the reverse has a third layer of black backing which significantly reduces the cleaning time and enhances the depth of colour

Available in multiple colour combinations and thicknesses, including:

  • Royal Blue
  • Purple
  • Light Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Deep Red
  • Rose-Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Teal
White Polypropylene 1.4mm


100% Australian Made and owned solid extruded polypropylene sheet. Available in white and clear finishes. Onyx Solid PP is 100% recyclable, non toxic and suitable for screen and digital print markets. Colours available on request.

Polypropylene is perfect for laser cut stencils and other signage requiring a flexible material.

Available in assorted thicknesses including:


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